Project #3/OFBB – Time to Get Ruthless

The last I posted, I was talking about being overwhelmed by WIPs, and, let’s be honest, that’s still the case. This is definitely a place I’ll be in perhaps forever. We have good months and we have bad months; in the good months, I can wrangle enough of my WIPs to get things heading towardsContinue reading “Project #3/OFBB – Time to Get Ruthless”

Project #3/OFBB – Draft Two

Is there anything more satisfying than finishing a draft and being happy with it? I think it’s the most incredible feeling because finishing a draft and being unhappy with it is wretched. And that’s not to say there isn’t work to be done! If that last line comes when you’re in draft two (like me),Continue reading “Project #3/OFBB – Draft Two”

Blood on the Camera: A Metaphor for Reminding the Audience of Story Devices at Work

As you can see from the title, this one is a little less to do with novels, but it still has to do with stories, and that’s what we talk about here. We talk about tales and whilst I’m aiming to become an author, there was a time where I actually wanted to be aContinue reading “Blood on the Camera: A Metaphor for Reminding the Audience of Story Devices at Work”

The Importance of Creative Outlets

So much of what we consume is art. A television series, a film, video games, books, puzzles, trips to the museum. We, as human beings, constantly surround ourselves with art that other people have produced, and that’s really beautiful. We look to these sources of creativity, and we absorb it into our own lives toContinue reading “The Importance of Creative Outlets”