The Joys of Online Book Tours

As the pandemic continuously stretches on, I think it’s fair to say we’ve all found joys wherever we can. For example, I got to spend my last year at university studying from home, which brought me inundated happiness because I’m an incredibly independent learner who likes making my own schedule. My mother has been workingContinue reading “The Joys of Online Book Tours”

I Can’t Get Enough Notebooks

I once spent an undisclosed amount of money to receive around fifty notebooks because one of my favourite stationary stores was having a New Year’s sale. Not only did I not need another fifty notebooks, I already had probably about that same amount at home. Some unused, some fully used, some half-used. Despite this, everyContinue reading “I Can’t Get Enough Notebooks”

Project #2 – Research, Planning, Research Again

As you can probably tell from the title of this post, the majority of what’s been going on between the last update and this one has revolved around research and planning. At this very moment, I’ve been dedicating my weekdays to Project #1 and my weekends to Project #2. It’s a great balance because IContinue reading “Project #2 – Research, Planning, Research Again”

Project #1 – Character Deletion

Another update, so soon? You’re right, it’s only been a couple of weeks, and the last post was an update on this very project, but there’s been another major change, even bigger than the last. In the previous post, I wrote about a character I was struggling with, so I revised her completely. She wasContinue reading “Project #1 – Character Deletion”