Project #1 – Character Deletion

Another update, so soon? You’re right, it’s only been a couple of weeks, and the last post was an update on this very project, but there’s been another major change, even bigger than the last. In the previous post, I wrote about a character I was struggling with, so I revised her completely. She wasContinue reading “Project #1 – Character Deletion”

Where We’re At – Project #2

This might actually seem quite strange, but this project is entirely more developed than Project #1. So, you might be asking, why would this be your second project and not your first if it’s further along? Well, there’s a lot of answers to that question that I’m going to touch on a little bit later.Continue reading “Where We’re At – Project #2”

Where We’re At – Project #1

So, what is going on, exactly, with each project? I’m going to separate them into different posts for, honestly, aesthetic reasons. That way, if anyone ever wants to go back retroactively and see what was going on at this point in time with Project #1 and not another project, it makes it a whole lotContinue reading “Where We’re At – Project #1”