Competition Results

This website has been launched for less than a month and I’m already going against my rigid schedule! But this is just a short announcement to say I won the competition I entered!

This is super exciting! It’s amazing to have a piece of my writing up on the internet for everyone to read! The competition was held by EverAfterPrint, and it’s uploaded now, the link is posted below for you to go check it out. Also, here’s the illustration they created for the story, which is absolutely stunning! Renée really captured its essence, and it’s so beautiful. You can find her at @zonrenee on Instagram!

Illustration credit – everafterprint – @zonrenee on Instagram

I highly encourage you to read their short stories and other work, and consider supporting them if you can! Their art and their stories are wonderful with really positive messages behind their cause and they deserve a lot of love. So go check out my story ‘Neighbours’ and all their work too!

Here’s the link!

Hopefully this is the start of really exciting things!

Robyn x

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